Understand Block K and count on 5iT

Since January 2017, the industrial establishments installed in Brazil have been committed to monthly deliver a new obligation to SPED Fiscal. This is Block K, a set of information directly related to inventory and production control.

In this first year the delivery will be compulsory to participants of the Special Customs Regime of Industrial Warehouse under Automated Control (RECOF), enterprises with revenues over R $ 300 million per year and industries of National Classification of Economic Activities (CNAE) of divisions 10 to 32. At this first moment only the delivery of monthly stock information is required through the K200 and K280 records.

In 2018 it becomes worth the delivery of Block K completely and enter the list of taxpayers required to transmit information those with revenues over $ 78 million per year. Finally in 2019 will be the turn of the other enterprises that make payment of ICMS and IPI.

As a consulting company that already has the experience of delivering this new obligation to some of its clients, 5iT Consulting knows that many companies do not even realize that they are required to make this delivery. This is because even a supermarket, which is a commercial establishment and should be exempt from such delivery, can be framed. It is sufficient, for example, to pack foods such as rice or beans in a supermarket-branded packaging that can be compared to an industrial establishment.

5it also knows that many companies preparing for the delivery of Block K still have questions about the obligation such as those in the following questions:


• How do I record inventory adjustments that were previously made directly to accounting?

• My material register has parameterization errors. What is the impact?

• Do I need any adjustments to my receiving process?

• I do not always use the same material or the same amount of production input, can I present this information?


To answer these and other questions, 5iT Consulting expects contact from your company. Schedule a visit from one of our consultants!