NF-e 4.0



NF-e layout change needs are grouped over a period of time and come to form a national annual version, or every two years. The goal is to avoid frequent changes to the NF-e layout in order to reduce the need for maintenance of NF-e emission systems for companies and SEFAZ. The exception to this rule is motivated by the necessary adaptations in the change of legislation, which are usually smaller in size, but must also comply with a schedule that can be observed by the companies and authorizing SEFAZ.

The last layout revision was made in 2014. Currently the NF-e layout is in version “3.10” and this Technical Note is intended to disclose:

  • Changes required to migrate from version "3.10" to version "4.00" of the NF-e layout;

  • Changes in validation rules, especially those related to new fields or new controls, improving the quality of information provided by companies and maintained by SEFAZ.

  • Definition of TLS protocol 1.2 or higher as the communication standard.

  • The use of variables in the SOAP Header (eliminated the "Header Area") in the request sent to all Web Services provided in the NFE System will be eliminated.


The major changes documented in this release related to the NF-e layout are:

  • Removed indicator field from Group B Payment Method (id: B05);

  • Inclusion in field refNF (id: BA07) of option 2 = Invoice template 02, which will make it possible to reference this document template in the Referenced Tax Documents Group;

  • In the field “IndPres” Presence Indicator (id: B25b) option 5 (face-to-face, off-premises operation, used in the case of street vending) was included in the Electronic Invoice Identification Group;

  • Creation of a new “Product Traceability” group (Group I80) to allow traceability of any product subject to sanitary regulations, recall / recall cases, as well as pesticides, veterinary, dental, medicines, beverages, bottled water, packaging, etc., from the indication of lot number, date of manufacture / production information;

  • Inclusion of field to inform the ANVISA Code (id: K01a) in the specific group of Medicines;

  • Inclusion of fields in the Fuel Group to inform the LPG mixing percentages (id: LA03a, b and c) and the description of the ANP code (LA03);

  • Creation of fields related to FCP for internal or interstate operations with ST. Amends the layout of the NF-e to identify the amount due as a result of the ICMS percentage relative to the Poverty Alleviation Fund, provided for in the Federal Constitution, Article 82 of the ADCT - Transitional Constitutional Provisions Act, in internal operations or in operations. Interstate Tax Substitutes not met by the fields created in the ICMS Taxation Group for the target FU;

  • Added the option to inform ICMS ST Transfer Group (ID: N10b) on fuel operations when informed CST 60;

  • Inclusion of field in the Total Group of NF-e to inform the total value of the IPI (id: W12a) in case of return of goods by non-contributing establishment of this tax;

  • Changed Group X- Transport Information of NF-e with the creation of new freight modalities (id: X02);