It gathers fiscal and accounting information in a single database, enabling the generation of reports and files for service and decision making at the municipal, state and federal levels.

The solution is prepared to meet the different situations imposed by the tax authorities of each federal obligation, starting from a single database, resulting in security to the tax calculation processes.

It serves all Federative Units with its different characteristics quickly and safely, allowing the storage of historical data for eventual inspections.

Aiming to meet nationally all models of bookkeeping and calculation of services, meets each municipal scenario, offering security and agility, as well as the management and control vision needed by large companies.


  • Industry specific solutions;

  • National coverage: compliance with Federal, State and Municipal legislation;

  • Ensuring solid and secure information;

  • Business continuity regardless of changing corporate systems;

The software offers the highest level of security and has been tested by VERACODE using the BC5 rating and has been approved. In addition, it is designed to support large volume of documents on an intuitive and simple platform.

The solution enables mobility in monitoring the issuance of electronic tax documents and is flexible with multiplatform and ATM with modular architecture and simultaneous issues. Hosted in the best data centers, it provides a high level of service with 24x7 training and service providing availability for your business.

NF-e - Electronic Commercial Invoice

Get an Electronic Invoice solution that fits your needs, tailored to your business type and segment.

  • Assists included operations are correct

  • Analyze the information

  • Superior capacity and performance


NFS-e - Electronic Service Invoice

Keep up with market developments with the latest in Electronic Service Invoices.

It is impossible for you not to be surprised by such a complete and comprehensive solution. 


  • Serves more than 500 municipalities

  • Centralize communication in one solution

CT-e - Electronic Transportation Knowledge

MASTERSAF DFe also manages CT-e's emissions and receipts in compliance with legislation and modalities. It streamlines processes and tracks all steps to prevent errors.


  • Comprehensive management with complete information flow

Your management ahead of the tax authorities


MASTERSAF Tax Analyzer is a comprehensive solution for your business to act proactively and peacefully knowing that you are up to date with various tax obligations.

Reports, analysis, corrections, planning and more:

  • Tax compliance;

  • Risk prevention;

  • Proactivity and agility;

  • Segment and customer specific rules and service;

  • Tool for easy usability and visualization of information;

  • Parameterized to meet the audits of ancillary obligations.

Key Features

  • Calculation of the taxes of different regimes, with traceability of information;

  • It allows to flexibly parameterize necessary information of the bookkeeping;

  • Generation of Digital Bookkeeping in the SPED ECF standard;

  • Web platform, multi-enterprise processing;

  • Conference reporting;

Some differentials

  • Previous Validations: Consistency of the information previously sent to the tax authorities, avoiding nonconformities at the time of transmission to the SPED environment;

  • Easy to integrate with leading market ERPs and disparate information source systems;

  • More agility to meet internal and external deadlines, such as compliance with inspections.

The MASTERSAF Smart architecture gives the company full tax support for taxes and operations, gauging more processes and redeeming more management credits.

In addition, MASTERSAF Smart efficiently collects all tax, accounting, equity and even employee information to generate consistent and integrated files.

  • SPED Tax

  • Accounting SPED

  • EFD - Contributions

  • CIAP

  • Electronic Surveillance

With MASTERSAF Smart you have the confidence in the tax delivery of your company, with the certainty to be in accordance with the latest changes in the scenario in Brazil. Control all your taxes and declare stability in your tax area with this comprehensive solution.

  • Tax Withholdings

  • Declarations (State, Municipal and Federal)

  • Flexible Interfaces

Main Differentials


  • Information Consolidation

  • Integration

  • Parameterizations

  • Event Messaging

  • Legal Content

  • Management Dashboard